Daily devotions

I realize that my blog has turned into lots of videos and music, but, I like them. I’ve been saving my creative energy for writing my books and my family. Here’s today:

Sat down to work on 4th Sparrow Man book. 2 cups of coffee ☕️ and playlist. 10 chapters outlined. I’m looking through my notes 📝 for this book and realize, there’s some funny commentary planned 🤓

About M R Pritchard

M. R. Pritchard is a two-time Kindle Scout winning author and her short story "Glitch" has been featured in the 2017 winter edition of THE FIRST LINE literary journal. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. She is a northern New Yorker transplanted to the Gulf Coast of Florida who enjoys coffee, mint chocolate, cloudy days, and reading on the lanai.
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