Asteroid Riders FREE eBook 3/15-3/19

Hey guys,

Asteroid Riders: Breaking Hearts and Making Moons will be free on Kindle eBook 3/15-3/19. This is a wonderful little short story set in space. It features Nat and Jack. Their relationship has turned sour after Nat found him with another. This doesn’t stop them from doing their jobs creating moons by collecting asteroids. Heartbreak and betrayal run rampant aboard the ship and Nat has more to worry about than Jack’s advances. Take a read and leave a review or tell a friend while it’s free. Happy Reading!

Get your free copy 3/15-3/19

About M R Pritchard

M. R. Pritchard now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida! She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. She enjoys long walks on the beach and never seeing another snowflake again in her life.
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