Happy Release day to Asteroid Riders: Comfort in the Chaos (Part 2)

Happy Release day to Asteroid Riders: Comfort in the Chaos (Part 2)

Hey! Part 2 of the Asteroid Riders series is out! If you preordered, thank you! If you have Kindle Unlimited, this series is free to you.  If you simply use Kindle to read, don’t worry, the price is only $0.99. I’ve always loved Nat and Jack’s story and it has been swirling in my mind for years now. I’m so excited to get these stories out to you all. 

If you loved The Expanse, Lost in Space, Star Trek of the 90’s, then Asteroid Riders is for you. 

In part 2 of the series we learn more about the Asteroid Riders history, their relationships, and daily life on their ship. If you loved the pulse-pounding action of part 1, there’s more in part 2. 

These books are lendable for 14 days on kindle if you’d like to lend them to a friend as a recommendation. Please leave a review and tell a friend, it helps me keep on writing.

As always, Thank You!!

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