Happy Book Birthday to Nightjar!

Today is release day for my latest Dark Fantasy book, NIGHTJAR. This is the 5th book in the SparrowMan/Veil of Shadows series. (I was able to release it early due to my amazing editor Kristy)

If you preordered this book on Amazon Kindle, you don’t have to wait until Oct 17th. It’s on your Kindle TODAY! And, there will be a sneak peek of book 6 in the back matter.

Here’s a little preview:

““Christ,” Skeele spit, followed by more swearing in Hellspeak as he bent to lift Meg from the ground. Not again, he thought. This can’t be happening again. Skeele lifted Meg, one arm under her knees, another across her back.

The energy in the room went berserk. The new recruits were wild, shouting and shoving ensued. Tukka and Chel did their best to calm them, but this was the kind of chaos that ensued when the throne was threatened. The throne of Hell was a coveted thing here. A shadowed realm where darkness reigned, the malevolence of the throne loomed, it had presence. Lucifer’s throne was steeped in sinister intentions, cunningly concealed beneath a shroud of deception woven by the very souls in subjugation. If Lucifer’s rule was night, Meg’s rule was day. She was a flicker of hope for the souls of Hell. She’d started to tame the veil; she’d started to loosen the chains. The creatures of Hell would always require reining in but for the first time in in eons, the Hellions were doing it with minimal violence and death. It was paying off; the more souls a realm held, the greater the power.

Skeele lifted Meg, exhaling a breath of relief when he felt solid bones under her skin. It wasn’t like last time. Last time he lifted her like this off the dusky grass of the back yard, it sounded like Rice Krispies crackling under her skin. He’d never heard nor felt the weight of someone with every bone in their body broken. She was nothing more than a sack of flesh that day and simply thinking about how she felt in his arms made his stomach twist.

Meg didn’t remember, therefore ever since that day she never understood his need to protect her. She was hazardous to her own health ninety-nine percent of the time. Hellions didn’t give a shit about much, but protecting their leader-they cared about that. They wanted to protect Meg because she was different. She gave them hope. Skeele never wanted to experience lifting her as a bag of bones again. Yet, here he was.”

Haunted by Sparrow’s shocking betrayal, Meg finds herself on the brink of unraveling. The burden of caring for an amputee Angel and two refugees from the Earthen plane only adds to her mounting pressure. With King Gabriel imprisoned and the kidnapped baby Thrush in her care, time is running out for Meg to prevent Thrush from succumbing to the Nightjar’s fate.
As revenge and redemption clash, Meg must confront her inner demons and grapple with her deepest desires. Will her quest for vengeance consume her or can she find the strength to prioritize what truly matters? In a race against time and her own tumultuous emotions, Meg’s every decision holds the key to the fate of those she holds dear.
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About M. R. Pritchard

M. R. Pritchard is a two-time Kindle Scout winning author, her short story "Glitch" has been featured in the 2017 winter edition of THE FIRST LINE literary journal, and her short story "Moon Lord" has been featured in Chronicle Worlds: Half Way Home (Part of the Future Chronicles). M. R. Pritchard holds degrees in Biochemistry and Nursing. She is a northern New Yorker transplanted to the Gulf Coast of Florida who enjoys coffee, mint chocolate, cloudy days, and reading on the lanai. Visit her website MRPritchard.com and sign up for her twice monthly newsletter. You'll get a newsletter with updates, day to day shenanigans, and book deals.
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