The Phoenix Project Complete Set [Hardcovers]

10th Anniversary Special Edition Hardcovers From Book 1: Love, deception, and conspiracies in a post-apocalyptic America, this is how dystopia is created. Andie Somers has finally found a perfectly balanced life. After leaving her high pressure position in a genetic research lab, she’s now found solace in nursing. Too bad the balance doesn’t last long. One night Andie’s life is thrown off kilter when a suspected seismic event occurs. Now, Andie is going home to find her family, even if that means escaping a hospital on lockdown and abandoning some of the city’s most critical patients. She may never work as a nurse again but she doesn’t dwell on that thought for long when she can’t reach her husband and daughter. There is one thing on her mind and that is to get home. Fleeing a city that’s been thrust into chaos isn’t easy, and since it seems most things electronic no longer work, including every vehicle around her, Andie makes the decision to walk the forty miles north to her home. She meets Adam on the highway. Running into a Phoenix local wasn’t in her plan, but two heads are better than one and with the havoc surrounding them what better partner to have at her side than one with a military background? If only she had forewarning to the secrets Adam harbors. Andie’s life is about to change forever. She thought making it home was the hard part, but getting there is just the beginning. *Price includes 6 Hardcover Books and FREE shipping* {Order is fulfilled by my bookstore Midnight Ledger}


The Phoenix Project Series by M. R. Pritchard

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