The Phoenix Project Series

THE PHOENIX PROJECT SERIES is a Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic/Science Fiction series. There’s a love story and lots of family drama.

Six books in the series are available.

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6 Responses to The Phoenix Project Series

  1. Jalanne Barnes says:

    Make there be a happy ending for Andie and Adam. Please, please, please, please. I’ve been crying more tears reading this sad sad story and am almost done. This has been a painful experience, but the series is quite incredible. From the first sentence, you had me hooked and I have been devouring every word since. By happy ending, I don’t mean it has to be happily ever after, but at least let them come out friends and Adam a part of his son’s life. I am awed that your writing has had such a powerful effect on me. I can live with all the bad stuff that has happened to Adam and Andie, but give them something good, something that makes them want to live.

    • Hi Jalanne, Thank you so much for reading and visiting here and your kind words! I’m so happy you are enjoying this series. I think you will be pleased with the final book 😉 But hang on tight, there are 3 more books in the series coming.

      • Jalanne Barnes says:

        Thank you for your kind response. I finished book 3 and see several possibilities for the future. I picked up on the clue that Andie noticed Adam’s wounds had healed after Ian getting into his face. Made me remember that Adam healed quickly after being hurt when he was first with Andie. I figured with three books ahead, there’s a lot of possibilities that the two of them have “time” to heal their relationship. Like after the kids grow up. Andie has to grow up/mature first. I liked the third book best because you finally gave me an intimate glimpse into who and what Adam is as a person. He is nothing like Andie accuses him of. I do wonder how old Adam is, in light of the “gift” Crane gives Andie at the end. Hope there is more back story with Adam. He is the most interesting character I have encountered in a book in a couple decades. I’d like to see how Raven’s life turns out. There is SO many possibilities thrown up in the end and I am SO very grateful of those scenes after her time in West Virginia. Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing. I am impressed to see you are the same kind of nurse as Andie was and I’ve seen your Printerest posts of places in your books. I also feel like a neighbor, I live in Montpelier, Vermont and I think of upstate New York as part of northern New England. I am pleased that you have shown there is actually a good reason for what the Entities did to the U.S. — not so much the method — but the results and to be honest, if it was done right, maybe it could “solve” some of the problems this planet faces. The story os extreme but realistic. Humans can be so incredibly selfish and despite the fact that Andie sometimes makes me want to reach into the pages and slap some sense into the woman when it comes to her treatment of Adam, she is so typical of people in this country. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me when I think Adam is the only one in the book with their head on their shoulders properly. Sorry that my post is so long, but I really wanted to share this with you. Feel free to delete this — takes a lot of room here. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would read this and didn’t want to give away anything to someone reading this before reading the books — so the hints concerning long lives and having time in the future for things after others have moved on with their lives. Thanks for reading this far. LOL!

  2. Hi Jalanne! Thank you for such a thoughtful additional post! I love hearing what other people think about the books and the characters. I don’t think your post contains many spoilers, so I’m leaving it so others can interact.
    You will see a lot more of Adam and his story in the next 3 books, as well as scenes to satisfy all of your wants 🙂

  3. Tori says:

    I cannot wait for the 6th book to come out! What part of winter will it be when it’s released? Tori

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