Plants In Space: Mission 1 (NFT)

Plants In Space: Mission 1 is a collection of unique findings from the Giant Plants Galaxy. Discovered during the Other Worlds expedition of 2127, the Giant Plants Galaxy was a pleasant surprise for almost all of the explorers.
Plants in Space: Mission 1

Most are single edition 1/1 NFTs.

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NFT creations as SparrowQueen

Exhibit 023
Exhibit 017
Exhibit 005b

A portion of the sales will fund the opening of Midnight Ledger Bookstore (

Exhibit 002
Exhibit 010
Exhibit 020
Exhibit 027

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50% of the proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will go to our bookstore, Midnight Ledger. We have run this book and collectibles store online since 2019 and would love to see it as a brick-and-mortar storefront. We plan to serve our community with local events and activities through the bookstore.