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Born of Light and Shadow: Half-Breed Angelic and Demonic Characters in Dark Fantasy Novels

Dark fantasy literature is a realm of shadow and mystery where the lines between good and evil blur, and the supernatural reigns supreme. Within this genre, half-breed characters who embody both angelic and demonic traits are captivating figures, representing the … Continue reading

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Earth’s Cosmic Journey: The Impact of Collective Consciousness in an Expansive Universe

Ok, I am almost done on this weeks long rant of collective consciousness and it’s connection to writing and space travel. But, I am a graduate of the Dana Scully College of X-Files & Analytical Observation, and I WANT to … Continue reading

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The Tapestry of Collective Consciousness: Exploring the Overlapping Themes in Writing

Writing is a deeply personal and individual endeavor, with authors pouring their unique thoughts and experiences onto the page. However, within the vast landscape of literature, we often find unexpected overlaps and recurring themes that transcend individual works. This phenomenon … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction through the years

Flash fiction is a type of short story that is typically no more than 1,000 words in length. It is often referred to as micro-fiction or sudden fiction, and it is a popular format for writers who want to experiment … Continue reading

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A justification for reading before bed.

Reading is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can help you unwind after a long day. One of the best times to read is right before bed. Not only is it a great way to de-stress and relax your mind, … Continue reading

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For those who struggle to write

Words flow freely from the pen, Crafted with care and thought again, But once they’re out, where do they land? In a world of noise and shifting sands. Struggling as a writer, to find a way, To reach out and … Continue reading

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