Author Takeover Event Tonight! 10/14 @ 9pm

Hey all! I will be partaking in an author takeover event on the Bookies Facebook page!

Come hang out:

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New Release: Heartbeat by M. R. Pritchard

Available for pre-order on Kindle 1.28.2020

Get your Copy HERE

The mountain has provided Jessie with everything a growing kid could ever need: safety, shelter, and an education. Then Ginger went dark. Now Jessie needs spare parts to fix the robot, but the world outside is nothing like what’s described in the books from the Oldworld. A mountain education didn’t prepare Jessie for this.


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The Man Who Fell to Earth Paperback

The Man Who Fell to Earth is now available in paperback!


tale of 2 men-2

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New Release: The Man Who Fell To Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth by M. R. Pritchard

The Heat Wave drew a violence that was as unexpected as the bioluminescent flora that had begun sprouting in the slopes and valleys of Appalachia. It was swift and efficient at breaking humanity but now Abraham’s people have come to the rescue—although, only for those they deem worthy. Banished with the task of culling this planet and others, Abraham struggles with the reality that he is different from his own people and that the relationship with his brother has never been the same since exile. While Abraham is pressured to meet his quota, the population dwindles, and he is disturbed by the violence of humanity.

Until he meets Nova. Twice. She’s the woman who got away, the single person who’s refused his offer of sanctuary because the promise of a floating city in the sky sounds absurd, even if it does offer relief from the sweltering heat and violence. Nova goes her own way. She carves her own path even in the most vulnerable of times. But this planet has a way of bringing certain people together, especially when they need it most. At the end of the world, there will be violence and there just might be a man playing 90’s tunes on a harmonica.

Get your copy on Amazon Kindle:

tale of 2 men-2

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New Release: 😍 “Tick of a Clockwork Heart”

It’s been a busy week publishing my backlist!
Check back this week for another Kindle Freebie 📖

😍 “Tick of a Clockwork Heart” will be on promo 4/10-4/14

Read it now with Kindle Unlimited

Lucas Finnum McKenzie is an unfortunate man on a mission. After the tragic death of his wife during childbirth and the loss of his left arm during an accident, he’s left to care for his ill son. Lucas is determined to procure Black Amber, which is intended to power a clockwork heart, the first of its kind that may save his son’s life.

(A short story at 8,200 words)

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New Release! Collector of Space Junk and Rebellious Dreams

It’s been ten years since Jack’s mother nearly died while saving the world against the Venom invasion. She’s moving on, but Jack is having a hard time doing the same. Hell bent on revenge, Jack’s going to hunt down every last bit of space junk that falls from the sky, hoping to find a lead to the Venom—even if those closest to him keep getting in the way.

Get the Kindle eBook free 4/4-4/8 :

Space Junk cover


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#Free Kindle eBook 3/1-3/5

#FREE Kindle eBook 3/1-3/5
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Bookies Live-N it Up event (I talk about my books)
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Podcast interview with Library at the End of the World!


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Live Interview by Stacey Cochran with R. E. Carr and M. R. Pritchard

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